Brian L Diener

Hello and welcome to, my personal blog about domain development and online entrepreneurship. I started in the domain industry way back in 7th grade and originally branded myself as the “Teen Domainer.” The domain industry has been amazing to me, and has provided me with the opportunity to learn valuable skills and create great relationships.

It all started when I googled “How to make money online” in 7th grade. I got all the way to the 12th page of google results, when I stumbled upon an article that mentioned buying and selling domain names. It also contained a link to

For the next week I spent all of my time reading namepros and other industry websites, trying to figure out how to make money. Like most people all of my first domain purchases were horrible, but eventually I learned how to buy names that end users valued and closed my first sale. I was sitting in my school library and sold a name I had recently hand registered for $350. As a high school student I was thrilled to make this kind of return.

In addition to selling names to end users, I began developing my own sites and detailing the progress on my blog. Due to their success others approached me about creating sites for their domains and I began offering development services too.

At the end of high school I was selected by Godaddy and .Me as the recipient of the Godaddy .Me Technology scholarship. Along the way I also had the opportunity to be one of the founding members of the South Florida Domains Meetup, and meet some amazing people who helped me get to the place I am today.

A few summers ago I was able to co-found College Copywriters, a content network of intelligent college students from top universities writing quality content for websites at competitive prices. We are still in our early stages, but the site is growing nicely.

I currently work for a boutique digital marketing firm in Atlanta and enjoy working with clients to help them unlock their digital potential.

Right now I am also focused on developing my own portfolio. With Google’s updates and other constant changes, I am building out brands that provide real value to consumers. I am also actively buying established revenue producing websites. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. 

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