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I just received access to a new product from Flippa called Dashfolio and I wanted to provide a quick review. On May 14, I received an email from Flippa informing me about a new product they had just launched called Dashfolio. In the email it was pitched as product that can:

– Check your sites’ performance at a glance
– Stay up to date with a weekly snapshot of your portfolio in your inbox
– Receive alerts if something goes wrong with your sites

So, I went over to the sight and signed up for early access. To increase my chances I also sent out a tweet and followed dashfolio on twitter. An hour later I was given access to the product. Dashfolio takes information from Google Analytics, Adsense, Webmaster Tools, Whois, and SEMRush to give you a holistic view of your websites performance. I did not have to set anything up; after logging in with my Google account, all of my sites on google analytics were listed along with data from adsense, webmaster tools and semrush in one easy to read dashboard.

dashfolio dashboard review

Then the data and analytics totals from a different site

dashfolio adsense

SEO data

dashfolio seo dashboard

The main dashboard contains traffic details from the last 6 months by week, adsense revenue for the month, page rank, page speed, backlinks, alexa ranking, top keywords and their positions on google search. Then at the bottom a check for malware, domain registration and broken links.

There are two other tabs at the top of the page besides the main dashboard.The first  is “Insights“, which contained some observations from my sites data. For example,

“On Tuesday, dropped 80% to 75 visits. The average for Tuesdays is 367.”

“ ranks in the top 10 natural search results on for “spy pen”, “spypen”, and “spypens”. Your SEO is working.”

“So far this month you’ve earned $number in Adsense revenue across your website portfolio, compared to $number last month.

I found these helpful because I am not going to sit down with every one of my sites and calculate average traffic for certain days, but it is helpful data that dashfolio easily provides. It would be nice to be able to look up insights for specific sites and to specify dates, but I am sure that those are updates we will see in the future.

The second tab is “Alerts” which is much more basic, it it seems to take many of the alerts from Google webmaster tools as well as whois data to see when your domain are expiring. These are nicely organized and I have a few things I need to fix up.

The last two features of Dashfolio I have not experienced yet, but sound great are the weekly snapshots of your site performance and alerts if something goes wrong. Right now the product is free, but I think down the road Flippa may begin to charge for a product like this. For me this is a very useful tool that saves me the time of having to login into each of my accounts to view site performance.

This product is not going to instantly change your life or make you rich, but it will save you time and provide you with a way to look deeper into your websites performance using multiple sources of data.

If you want to sign up head on over to!

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  1. Kingsley April 25, 2015 at 3:42 am #


    I use Dashfolio once, it was great and fun. I find it easy and convenient for me. Now it no longer works


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