How often should you update website content?

One of the biggest challenges facing website owners in the wake of Google algorithm changes is how to keep their websites updated with fresh content. Clients of College Copywriters often ask me how often they should be updating their content. In short, for large sites 2-3 times a week is a great start and smaller sites should be updated 1-3 times per month. There is not one rule that applies to all websites, but there are a few ways you can figure out how often you need to add new content to your website.

1. Look at how often your competition is adding new stuff. If you are in a really competitive vertical people may be adding a few new articles and videos per day. In most verticals companies are adding new content 2-3 times per week. It also helps to look at companies social media accounts as well.

2. Avoid dumping content. If you have a bunch of content produced for your site do not add it all at once. This does not look natural to search engines or visitors. WordPress and many other content management systems make it very easy to schedule posts.

3. Anything less than once a month is static. Make sure you are at least adding new content one or two times per month. Everything does not need to be articles, you can add an infographic, youtube video, or an image.  Your goal should be to make the site look alive and up to date.

4. Always remember quality over quantity. Adding a few poorly written 200 word articles a month is not going to add much value to your visitors. Focus on topics that your visitors are searching for and provide them with all of the answers. Neil Patel had a great article this week about adding in depth articles and guides (2,000+ words) to your site and how these can help boost traffic in a big way.

5. To truly have a fresh site you should make sure other parts of your site are also being updated including your design, sitemap, about us and other static pages, logo, and social media accounts.


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