Current Projects

This is a page I am going to try an keep updated with my current projects and include some info about them. If I’m actively working on a site I’ll let you know what is next. Needless to say I like to stay busy! – You are on this site right now so you should know what it is. It’s my personal blog where I write about domain development. It evolved from which I sadly outgrew. My plan is to write a few times per week and share personal stories that can help others succeed online. – This is my start-up I founded three years ago with a friend of mine. We hire college students to write articles for other websites and companies. So far we have over 550 writers and are looking to launch version two of our platform later this year. I don;t write much about this, but the content is great so if you would like to try it out let me know. – A new website where I am going to focus on reviewing the SEO and revenue potential of websites actively listed for sale. In doing so I hope to explain and uncover what makes a great website. – This is an online store I developed. I started off online selling these products on eBay, so when I saw the domain come up for sale I had to buy it and build it out. This is a work in progress as I try and move it up on Google. – This was one of my first site I built and it has grow to over 20 articles on moving and cargo vans. I have google ads and also collect leads. It goes up and down in the rankings, but always seems to bring in revenue month after month. I’ve turned down mid five figures for this gem and don’t see myself parting with it anytime soon. – a simple humor site I registered when the supreme leader rose to power. It’s had the most visits ever of my websites on one day with over 10,000 when it was linked on many major sites. – Another one of my early sites keeps hanging around. It’s a simple adsense and lead site that requires almost no updates to keep bringing in revenue month after month.

Outdoor Network – I don’t want to reveal everything, but many of my developed sites are in the camping industry and I am actively building new ones which I will talk about more once the grow.

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