No Sign of gTLD’s in NYC, but Younger Generations are Open to Change

I’ve spent this last week in New York working with my co-founder on our company, and also visiting some friends from home and school. I’ve been all over the city working, walking and eating, but have not seen any sign of the thousands of new gTLD’s that are hitting the market in America’s biggest city.

No ads for gTLDs in NYC

I thought I might see a few ads in the big apple for at least .nyc, but have not seen anything at all. Maybe they are all in Time Square, which I’ve been avoiding on purpose. I understand that average tourist and business people walking around the city are not the target market for every new extension and that ads are very pricy, but there are ads for almost everything else. It’s early, but maybe someday soon there will be signs and ads that feature new gTLD’s on them.

Younger Generations Open to gTLD’s?

One of my friends actually brought up domain names the other day, specifically the new extensions. He had heard about a few of them and was very open to the new names, but did not know much about all of the new extensions in general even though he had purchased a few .club domains.

I think that my generation is very open to the new extensions, but they are just not aware of them. With a few exceptions, there has not really been too much targeted marketing at college students. I think there are so many potential partnerships for companies that target college students and younger people in general. Look at a Domain of One’s Own program that is popular at many universities.

What if new gTLD’s gave out free hosting for a year to students looking to display their work, websites or resumes? We are going to be their early adopters and users for the next 80 years and are the most likely to switch to the new extensions (read most of us have debt and can’t shell out for killer .com’s)

I’d like to hear what others think of the gTLD’s doing a better job of targeting the younger crowds.

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2 Responses to No Sign of gTLD’s in NYC, but Younger Generations are Open to Change

  1. Leonard Britt July 23, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    While the younger generation may be more open to using new TLDs, that doesn’t necessarily make them a great investment in 2014. Why might a younger person launch a website on a new TLD? In many cases because it is available for reg fee and that is all they want to pay. I see that quite often with small businesses which use .Net or .Biz. So as an investor, if the only reason people are buying a new TLD is because they can be acquired cheap then you should stick with extensions that have a track record of producing aftermarket sales.

    • Brian Diener July 23, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

      Leonard, I completely agree from a domain investors standpoint I do not see huge return coming from investing in gTLD’s, but I would think that registries would be doing more to target those price sensitive markets like small businesses and college students.

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