Teendomainer is Now

Sadly, I am no longer the “Teen Domainer,” this last fall I turned twenty and decided it was time to change blog names. I had a very busy semester at college and am now just getting around to changing everything over to  Thesis 2.0. Although, this is a new site, I am still going to be […]

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Ebay vs amazon

eBay Partner Network vs Amazon Associates

When building out product based websites I often try and use other networks than just Google Adsense. Two of my favorite are eBay Partner Network (EPN) and the Amazon Affiliate program called Amazon Associates. I currently use both on different websites and on some sites even use the two programs side by side. Both websites […]

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The Options After Building a Minisite

I recently built out another small minisite with a few different goals in mind than I normally have with my developed sites. My new informational and store is your basic wordpress minisite with 5 pages of content and ads from the Ebay Partner Network. Minisites create a great starting point for barren domain names. […]

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