Sign Up for a Textbroker Account Before the Rate Increase

Textbroker is going to be increasing their rates for all accounts opened after June 30th, so if you were thinking about opening up an account now is the time to do so. Accounts opened before will be grandfathered the old rates. Textbroker is an online content marketplace that has a ton of writers of various qualities across all topics.

Textbroker is not my first choice content provider, when I can use my own writers I will, but if I need something for article marketing or a project done in a few hours; textbroker works. They have a few different levels of writers and I like to stick with at least 4 star work, because anything less than that has spelling and grammar errors. It really depends on the writer, I have found some great writers on the site and them some that have worse spelling than me which is saying something.

Textbroker states that the reason for the price increase is that they have expanded so quickly they need more money for technology and marketing. Hopefully they can also use some of it to hire more editors.  I have not been able to find their new rates, so we will just have to wait a few days to see.

All account regardless of when you sign up, will have their rates increased at the end of the year. So, if you plan on ordering content from textbroker in the next 6 months take 2 minutes and sign up for an account before the end of the month.



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