I Stopped Updating My Sites for the Holidays and Paid for It

I took a break from updating my website content for the holidays and paid for it. The end of the year is a busy time for all of us especially for students, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, final exams, and vacation. I was so busy in the last few weeks of the year that I stopped updating my website content which I am paying for now.




These screenshots show rankings for two of my sites. You can see they lost position around August (Google is shown in green Bing in yellow) and began to regain them until November where they fell off again.

Up until November, I had kept my main sites updated with new content at least once a week and many times more. I had lost some top 10 ranking from some of the Fall Google updates, most likely hummingbird, and was just starting to regain the lost ground and creep back into the top 10. Then I stopped updating, and you can see the results. They are not awful, but the difference between a 9th keyword ranking position and 11th means hundreds of lost visitors and dollars a month.

How to recover?

The first thing I need to do it get back on the horse and starting publishing new content. I’m currently on vacation in Australia, but am going to try and post and schedule a few new articles on my biggest sites. I am trying to write some longer (500 plus word) posts to see if they help at all. On one of my sites that was hit especially hard I am thinking about doing a site redesign. It has been a long time since the last theme update so that might help. Lastly, I need to be more social with my sites. I wish there was an easy way to manage twitter account for each of my large website, but manning 5 twitter account would be no fun, so I am going to look into hiring a VA to run my social media accounts by sending a few tweets every couple of days.

This process of recovery is going to take some time to kick into effect. For now I hope I can stop the falling rankings and after 3 months expect my sites will be back on page 1. In this business you can’t really take a day off. 

2 Responses to I Stopped Updating My Sites for the Holidays and Paid for It

  1. Picas December 30, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    I had the same kick from Google and have been trying to recover …but how hard …so far some solutions not worked and I will use the method of 301 re-direction

    • Brian Diener January 2, 2014 at 8:40 pm #

      With Google, it takes time and hard work but it is possible to get back on their good side!

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