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One of the hardest parts of being an online entrepreneur is just keeping track of everything that is going on. A while ago I reviewed a tool from Flippa called Dashfolio which tracked Google tools like Analytics and Adsense in one place. Today, I wanted to go over a much more extensive tool called SumAll that I just started using a few weeks ago to track all of my key metrics.

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If you are like me, you love to look over all of your data from your businesses, but you can’t stand going to five different tools to track your social media accounts, traffic, payments and other metrics. SumAll combines them right in one easy to view dashboard. You can also even sign up to have daily email summaries of your data delivered to your inbox.

Right now I have Twitter, Facebook, Analytics, Adsense, Paypal, WordPress, and Mailchimp hooked up. Sumall does not just give you your total amount of visitors or ad spend, but includes other useful metrics you may otherwise overlook.

We also have a separate dashboard we use for College Copywriters which includes Stripe and other tools specific to that business.

sumall platforms

Most of the platforms Sumall connects with

I love how easy it is to compare the data over time and across different platforms. I can look at my Facebook ads spending and then easily add in PayPal transactions and overall traffic to see what effect those three had on each other. I have not seen any other tool that is this easy to setup and use.

Take a look and sign up yourself, the basic version is completely free to use. I hope that SumAll continues to add platforms so that I can view even more of my data in one place. They also have iPhone and Android Apps that I am checking out.

Do you use SumAll? What platforms would you like to see them add?

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