The Options After Building a Minisite

I recently built out another small minisite with a few different goals in mind than I normally have with my developed sites. My new informational and store is your basic wordpress minisite with 5 pages of content and ads from the Ebay Partner Network. Minisites create a great starting point for barren domain names. If you stop at just a small site, you have not added much value for visitors or in the eyes of Google. By building this site I now have a few different paths I can pursue with the name.

  1. End User Sale – This was first thought when I bought the domain. With the minisite up I am now going to contact end users about the domain. The search engine rankings and traffic will only help the value of the domain.
  2.  Bigger Development – If the site does take off and rank well, I will consider adding more articles and think about setting up a drop ship store to sell various patio misters off the site. I am currently in the process of doing this on one of my others websites.
  3.  Flip – If either of those two do not work with the name I would like to try and sell it on Flippa. Every week I see poorly built sites, on worse domains selling for decent amounts. I have had success selling on flippa before and would like to try it again.
  4. Waiting – This is always an option with the domain and site, because I am 99% sure the site will at least pay for registration fee over the next year; it does me no harm to sit and wait on this site until I find the time.

As you can see there are a few options with this new domain and website. They are not exclusive either, I can list it for sale while building it bigger or I can try and sell it on flippa while sending end users links to the auction. Moving forward I would like people to stop thinking of minisites as a one stop solution, because they are obviously not one. Minisites should be thought of as a foundation for the next step in the development cycle of the domain.


2 Responses to The Options After Building a Minisite

  1. Jeff Edelman June 4, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    Good to see your new site up and running here. I look forward to more of your insights.

    I am always tempted to put up some mini-sites on some undeveloped domains, but then I worry and assume that I won’t end up doing the follow-up needed to make them better sites. You seemed to have a sweet spot going for you where you would put in a handful of hours creating a mini-site and then have it bring you say $10, $20, or $30 per month, but that sounds like it’s harder to do nowadays, right? Sounds like Google really wants people to further develop sites because a 5 page mini-site is considered of very little value to them. It’s a shame because for so many domains, it seems the best use to everybody truly is a mini-site because the domain would never warrant being valuable enough to build a big site on it.

  2. Josh June 18, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

    Like you, I’m always wanting to do a little more with my domains and look at things from a similar perspective in terms of options going forwards.

    If a parked domain gets a decent amount of type in then I like to build it out to a small minisite at first and try to pick up some more traffic through SEO. After that it will be more appealing to an end user but as long as it’s giving me an ROI against the annual reg fees this buys time and prevents a negative impact on my bottom line.. always good and allows things to build in time.

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