Three Tools That Make Website Social Media Management Easier

I’m always looking for great tools to make managing my network of websites easier. There are many tasks like promoting content, and scheduling posts that can be automated with a few easy to use tools.

Revive Old Posts

Do you wish there was an easy way to share your older post with your followers? I recently discovered this great plugin which does exactly that. With Revive Old Posts you can share your older posts with your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin followers. The plugin also had a ton of options so you can choose which posts are shared and how often. You can even add hashtags, shorten links and include images with the premium version.

I’ve just started using the tool, but I suspect it is going to increase traffic to my sites, increase engagement on my social media channels and might even help improve search engine rankings because of the weight algorithms now place on social media signals.

Buffer App

Buffer is my go to social media tool. It allows me to automatically schedule post for times I set across multiple social media channels. You can use the service from your browser, app or chrome extension. As an added bonus, if I am out of ideas to tweet, Buffer will suggest some for my account.

Now I can spend an hour Monday afternoon and schedule most of my tweets and Facebook posts for the entire week. Buffer even track post engagements so that I can see which headline, titles and articles are the most popular with my audience. The also have a killer blog filled with social media and startup advice.


Tweepi is a twitter social media management tool that makes it easy to follow back people that follow you, unfollow spammy accounts, and find new followers to engage with using searches and followers of mentor accounts. The basic tool is free and you can try additional features starting at $7.50 a month.

I’ve found that twitter is the hardest network for me to manage, so this tool really cuts down on the time I need to spend managing my accounts.

Of course none of these tools are completely automated, you still need to continue crafting valuable content and interacting with individuals in your network for them to be of any value. Depending on what type of site you own, these tools will be of varying value in your situation. I think the point of these tools it to cut down on the time spent on these simple tasks so that you can spend more time working on your brand.

What tools do you use to manage your sites social media presence?

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  1. Dave February 4, 2015 at 3:11 pm #

    Buffer are crushing it – have you seen their live revenue dashboard? It’s ridiculous, 5m annual run rate.


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