Weekend Review of Profitable Actions

It’s great to be writing about domain name again, a big thanks to everyone who reached out this week to welcome me back. I want to do my weekend update posts a little differently. I want to focus on  actions I did this week to potentially increase my profits. They may or may not work, time will tell. Hopefully some of them apply to my readers and can help you earn more. But before we get to that, a very Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads reading this. I would not be the 20 year old I am today without the influence of my Dad and the sacrifices he made for my family.

Profitable Actions this week

End User Calls and Emails – I sent out around 50 end user emails for 3 domains and had 6 emails back. I also called a few of the end users and ended up selling one domain. I’m still waiting on payment and transfer, but I will be talking more about the sale later.

oDesk Hires – I have been increasing my team on oDesk. It takes some time to find quality workers, but once you do they can really help save time.

Web Development – I have already started working on some custom development for new clients and am excited to see how their projects turn out.

New Affiliate Programs – I spent some time searching for new affiliate programs (on for my sites and applied to a few that I hope will convert well on my sites. I also reached out to the account reps to try and start relationships with them.

Updated College Copywriters – I approved a bunch of new writers from top colleges for my content writing network and also updated a few things on the websites. If you need content place an order to try us out.

Other Updates

New Site – I am in the process of building out which will feature a weekly sales chart of weekly website sales, interviews with top sellers and brokers and advice buying, build and selling websites. I have the first few sales charts up as well as some industry news, but it is a work in progress that should be ready for launch in a few weeks. If you have any comments or would like to write please let me know.

Out of Date Whois Info – I spent a few hours trying to track down the owner of a domain name for a site I want to build relating to the rafting industry. I tried email, and phone but have not heard anything back, so I might just have to go with the .net.

Flippa – I am going to try and sell some of my developed sites on flippa and see how that goes. The marketplace clearly has buyers and sites sell daily, its just hard to find much quality sometimes.

Have a great weekend! I’m off to raft down the Gallatin River!


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  1. Greg June 16, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Good luck Brian, simple nice read…Domain sales and development are always tuff decide….which direction…hope to hear how you make out on flippa….always seems extremely scammy to me, hope im wrong

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