What Generation Y Thinks about the New gTLD’s

Over the past year there has been more than enough speculation on the new gTLD’s, but one group that seems to have been left out of the conversation is the millennial generation. As one of the youngest bloggers on, I figure it is my job to provide that perspective to my readers. I reached out to a few of my friends to see what they thought about the new gTLD’s. They are from all over the US and ages range from 16-25.

Friend 1

“I haven’t heard anything about any of them. I guess it will just take some time for people to find out about them. .Ninja seems pretty great. Maybe some of them like .email or .club could be useful when searching for those things.”

Friend 2

“Never heard of them. They seem illegitimate.”

Friend 3

“I’ve heard that there are a lot more domain extensions available these days. Even outside the usual country designated codes which lead to people buying domain extensions from obscure countries like some island that abbreviated to TV was popular. I think there is a chance for them to become popular any non .com. I’m usually a little skeptical of but that’s changing. Especially with services like and numerous .co s. It’s best for trying the make a URL as short and as memorable as possible.”

Friend 4

I’ve heard of them, one of the big uses I can see is having a personal url like yourname.faceboook or something like that, basically taking the place of longer url’s maybe and I would see all my gmail accounts. I also had a friend who bought up some .clubs and has already sold a few. Then I looked up one for a club I am in and it was already taken.

Friend 5

“I have not heard of these new options. I personally don’t now about the viability of these options at this time, but it would make sense to me to have entire networks created of these new names. As the current domain names get filled up I feel like multiple extensions will be created and the networks may very well be along the lines of these extensions.”

Friend 6

“I haven’t heard anything about them. Sorry.”

As you can seen their responses are all over the place.  One of the most interesting things I saw was that some people I thought would know about the new gTLD’s did not, and others who I thought would have no clue about them had heard about them. I think their responses show we still have a long way to go until gTLD’s become well know and they are interesting from an investment perspective.

I am going to keep reaching out to a few more friend to see what they have heard and what they think about them. If you are a gen Y’er comment below and let your voice be heard.

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